The City Revolution

A guide to use city-power to revolutionize the system.

The system is broken. A city revolution can fix it. Powerful corporate interests have long been held to meager ethical standards with little oversight from Washington. Consequently, financial injustice and environmental destruction are rife. What do these institutions need to run? Money. What are some of their biggest sources of investment funds? Municipal government

A new revolution is emerging… the rise of city power. By revolutionizing our cities and towns, the people can take direct action in the locales in which we work, commute and experience every day. By turning our cities into bastions of enlightened progressive government, the people can leverage their resources to create real tangible improvements to the system - cities can represent the will of the people.

To radically change Washington will be an enormously daunting and complex challenge, especially in the Trump era. But we are not deterred. As the nation reaches a turning point, we are turning inwards with a local-first approach to revolutionary change. We can seize power right here and now, and mobilize a movement to create a direct impact on our city halls- spurring massive changes in legislation and direction.

This revolutionary city strategy gives We the People the leverage needed to directly take on the big banks driving climate change by drying up the revenue streams of the fossil fuel industries.

The Occupy movement expressed popular anger by occupying the streets. In the evolution of the resistance movement, we will channel popular anger by co-occupying and changing the direction of our governments. No longer will we stand on the periphery of city politics.

Major cities such as Los Angeles have large accounts with the largest financial institutions that manage municipal assets to the tune of billions of dollars. We want to enact real and tangible change, to demand divestment from corrupt banking institutions and reinvestment with only the highest and most humane standards, with consideration to both people and planet.

There’s a new and powerful non-violent revolutionary strategy at our fingertips. Here’s the plan.

Start a movement in your city. Connect with your most progressive city council members and organized a cooperative front to achieve these reforms:

1.   Divest- Organize a movement for your city council to divest its assets from corrupt institutions.
2.  Draft Socially Responsible Ordinances –It’s the people’s money, so it should invest with high standards of social responsibility. Draft socially responsible ordinances that award city funds only to institutions that pass strict social and environmental muster.
3.  Create Public Options- Encourage non-profit bank models, such as a public banks or co-ops who only invest consciously for the public good.

Collectively, cities provide untold billions in assets to some of the most corrupt and environmentally destructive institutions in the world. We can have our voice heard in city hall to make a difference. Join the City Revolution.

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