Call Your City Councilmember

Call Your L.A. City District Councilmembers

L.A. City councilmembers divided by district. Creating systemic changes often means putting public pressure on our elected officials.

We have voices, so let's make those voices heard! Reaching out to city council members is one of the best ways to communicate our ideas to people that represent our communities. Contacting city council members can be done by writing them a detailed and articulate letter, through email, calling directly, or meeting in person.

The City of Seattle's victory is a clear indicator that collective action works! We will no longer be silenced as irresponsible and unethical banking institutions continue to wreak havoc on working class citizens, communities of color, and the environment simply for profit. With enough people behind this movement, divestment is inevitable.

Let's voice our demand economic and ecological justice, and let our councilmembers know that our city must #DivestLA! Call, email, tweet! Together, we can get the city of Los Angeles to divest for our future.

Find your council district using this website. Alternatively, you can use this City of Los Angeles map, or detailed map.

If you're not from Los Angeles, call anyway! You can help by calling the top 2 priority contacts below.

Use this script or create your own! Please be civil and respectful with outreach on the phone, via email, or in-person.

Short script: Hi my name is ____ and I live in the council member’s district. Los Angeles cannot continue to bank with Wells Fargo due to their unethical banking practices. I urge you to stand with Standing Rock and divest LA.

Long script: Hi my name is ____ and I live in the council member’s district. I’m calling in support for the campaign to Divest LA. We want our city’s funds in ethical financial institutions, not banks with a history of corrupt practices including financing the Dakota Access Pipeline. Divestment is an important tool to protect people from predatory banking, and ensure that the fossil fuel industry cannot profit from the destruction of our land and water. Los Angeles cannot continue to bank with Wells Fargo. I urge you to stand with Standing Rock and the people of Los Angeles and divest.

View and download the LA City Councilmember Call Sheet.

The extended LA City Council and major city department contact list is below. 



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