Divest LA policy, informational literature, and flyers. Please feel free to share. If you're starting a divestment movement in your city, college, or university, we encourage you to incorporate these policies into your proposals and policy amendments. Our drafted RFP proposal, motion, ethical and responsible banking and investment research, and addendum are below. We have also created a three-tier ranking system for prioritizing financial institutions.

Our policy proposals exemplify the greater scope and progressive vision of our movement. We hope that our work will inspire other grassroots activists to rise up, organize, and mobilize towards creating a new system that works for the many, and not the few. In Phase 2, we will push the City of Los Angeles to reinvest their financial portfolio into renewables and social goods funds, and advocate for the creation of a city-owned municipal public bank to keep banking profits within our city, working to directly benefit our communities, not Wall Street.