Wave LA – December 15, 2017

Activists call on L.A. to divest from Wells Fargo

LOS ANGELES — A group of activists that included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gathered outside City Hall Dec. 11 to voice support for the Los Angeles City Council as it considers steps that could divest its funds from Wells Fargo over the bank’s fake accounts scandal and support of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A set of new rules for banks that want to do business with Los Angeles is scheduled to be voted on by the council Dec. 13 and would make it harder for Wells Fargo to continue to be the city’s main banking partner.

“I’m just here to thank the City Council for this vote,” Kennedy told City News Service before he spoke to the crowd of about 75 activists and assembled media. “Right now all over the country we’re watching government agencies and governments in the possession of the oil industry. And it’s refreshing to see a government that stands up to the oil industry on behalf of the people.”

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