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From Standing Rock to Los Angeles: A National Divestment Movement is Underway to Slow the Dakota Access Pipeline
The movement to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline — centered for months at Standing Rock in North Dakota — has moved west.

In cities like Seattle and Santa Monica, efforts to slow the nearly 1,200-mile long DAPL have taken the form of cities moving to divest from the 17 banks involved in financing the controversial project. Most recent divestment efforts have centered on Wells Fargo, which has been rebuilding its reputation in the wake of revelations about fraudulent activity on behalf of employees last fall.

Trinity Tran has been working with the group Divest LA in Los Angeles, initiated by Revolution LA, which she has been organizing with for over two and a half years. The Divest LA petition now has more than 25,000 supporters and calls on the city of Los Angeles to end its relationship with Wells Fargo.

“Wells Fargo’s morally bankrupt practices are further exemplified by the 2016 lawsuit filed against the bank by the Los Angeles City Attorney for fraudulently opening more than two million unauthorized checking and credit card accounts, victimizing ordinary citizens for profit gain,” the petition reads. “For their deceptive practices, the bank settled with the County and City of Los Angeles for $185 million. This is one of numerous lawsuits filed against Wells Fargo by the city. Our representatives cannot continue to trust taxpayer money with a bank repeatedly sued for corruption.”

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